I’ve added to the gallery pictures from Chloe’s movie productions, such as stills, posters and more. There are still a few pictures missing but i will be posting them soon so keep an eye on the gallery!

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New Co-Webs!

Hi everyone! Thank you for everyone who applied for the co-web position. I have chosen 2 applicants who I think will do a fine job here. It was a tough choice but I feel that these 2 will do great for the team. If you didn’t get chosen it is nothing personal. There were some fantastic applicants. I feel that 2 new co-webs will really help out with the news and everything that I havn’t been able to get to. It should also help out with how busy Chloe is and keeping you fans up to date.

Please welcome Iskous & Neide to the team. I am happy to have them and I think you viewers will be too.

I updated the gallery with over 50 high quality magazine scans from Chloe. Check them out:



I added over 80 high quality pictures of Chloe from MTV Video Music Awards.


If I stay comes out next week! The book has hit the top sellers and we hope the movie does too. If you have not read the book I highly suggest it. It is one of my favorite books and I am so excited that Chloe took the movie on with passion. I’m not sure anyone else could do it justice. Ok I’m sure someone could but with favorite books come fears of things not being done right. Pick up the book and then go see the movie next week! I can’t wait.

Help Wanted!

I apologize for not being around so much lately. I have been wanting to keep up with the news and photos and everything going on but I have been so busy that I havn’t been able to. I would like to hire on some help since Chloe is getting busier and busier with all of the new movies coming out soon.

If you are interested in helping out please understand that you will need to know the basic functions of maintaining a fansite. Our site operates with wordpress for the site and coppermine for the photo gallery so you must know how to post news and photos using those scripts. Previous fansite experience is preferred. Not everyone who applies will be chosen. This site is my baby and I will be really selective with who I want to help me.
To apply just email me at admin@chloegracemoretz.com with your name, an email address to contact you with, what experience you have and why you would like me to choose you. I appreciate any help.

Chloe attended the Much Music Video Awards today (June 15). She also presented an award. We are working on finding and adding photos and a video.

[June 15] Much Music Video Awards

I have been working hard all night to fill gaps that we have in our photo album and expanding the candids section. I have also added recent photos for your viewing pleasure. A small portion of what I have added is below. Check out the gallery for more photos.

[June 14] Arriving in Toronto for the Much Music Video Awards

[June 13] At the NHL Stanley Cup Finals Game 5

[June 7] At the NHL Stanley Cup Finals Game 2

[June 6] Out and about in West Hollywood

Enjoy the updates. I am still slowly but surely trying to add all the photos I possibly can to the gallery.